Staveley seconds soaked 17th September

Man of the match, Emma Chapman said; “Fran’s hair looks great, definitely worth the wait”

Rain washed away a lot of the cobwebs for Staveley Second in Derby today. To quote Sam,” it absolutely pi**ed it down.” Andrea found that lack of visibility during downpour meant her other senses came alive; and wonders If she should play with a blindfold in future.

However, Staveley valiantly struggled on, battling without a goalkeeper for the first half hour because she was at the hairdressers. Have we mentioned it looks very nice?

Once Fran arrived Staveley had an opportunity at the other end, coinciding happily with a brief team meeting in the attacking D. Short corner taken with captain Kara yelling out who she would be passing to, communication being one of our strong points. Sam received the ball, slipped it left as per the cunning plan. The ball was then sent towards the goal, the forwards pounced, and after a brief tussle with the Goalie, Sarah Calderbank kickstarted the tally of goals for this season.

Sadly, for the other 67 minutes, Staveley were on the defensive, with Derby putting away what felt like a lot of goals, including a flick.

Defender Grace, like a secret service agent, threw herself in front of a huge shot, taking one for the team. We all wish her a speedy recovery.

Between, rain, shine, and additional injuries for Kerry Grice, the final scoreline of 5-1 was not entirely disappointing for Staveley for a first match of the season and we’ll be looking to improve very quickly. Bring on Burton next week!

Maggie, Fran G, Sam, Sarah, Fran P, Emma.

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