Birthday Burton Bashup 24th September

Motivational speech: “we have to win today it’s our birthday.”

With early warm ups and actual practise drills ahead of the match, confidence was high before Stavely’s match with Burton 3rds.

Domination was the name of the game as the forwards penetrated deep into the cracks of Burton’s defence. As Scalders powered through players, passing to Captain Kara, who smashed the back doors out of the goal.

The next first half goal came quickly as Emma charged into the opposing D and thrust the ball to the back of the net.

Staveley, seemingly unstoppable, didn’t stop there. Scalders was the next to celebrate as she bagged the third.

Half time ensued with tic-tabs the main topic of conversation, along with hygiene and how just because you’re playing hockey doesn’t mean you are allowed to smell. After all, someone has to mark you.

Burton rallied and came back with a goal, forcing Staveley to up their pace. Persistence paid off and Emma netted for the second time.

Goalkeeper Fran and defender Kerry were jubilant and admitted this was the best birthday present the team could have given them.

Final score:
Staveley 4 – Burton 1

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