Staveley 1st vs Matlock 24th September

With a nice bright, sunny day for the first game of the season, you could feel the excitement within the team especially after watching the end of the Staveley Seconds fantastic win against Burton! Seeing old faces and of course the eagerness to start the season with a decent win against our deadly rivals.

What a great start with a strong warm up with some beautiful strikes before the game had even started. With a win in the toss from Co-Captain Charlie Calderbank, confidence was flowing through the team. With a cracking start with plenty of confident passing and strong runs we looked like a team in mid-season form. After finding the net after a great ball in and a cheeky touch by Lindsay Vaughan it was judged to have been touched by a foot or not at all, but this didn’t get us down and soon enough the ball was battled in by Staveley legend Emma Chapman to make it one – nil.
It didn’t take long to grab the second after good work from Lindsay Vaughan and a sweet shot into the bottom corner. With spirits high we started to enjoy the game even more, but after Matlock started to find their feet with a few attacks providing keeper Charlie with her one and only touch of the half.

With a very vocal Matlock getting more and more frustrated with our brilliance, a rather stroppy player was given only a verbal warning after clearly stating she was going to “deck” Vaughany. After another lovely attack from Staveley, Vaughany got another great goal with a lovely finish to make it 3.

Staveley kept battling to extend our run and kept up the pressure on Matlock with Shaz leading the field by making sure Barbara was marked and after some lovely passing play, an awesome touch by Andrea Rogers and an incredible diving shot it was soon 4.

Staveley were absolutely flying with the majority of the possession and with more excellent work and a beautiful strike from co-captain Lauren Walton set Staveley up at half time with a 5 nil lead.
Matlock came out in the second half fighting and Staveley started to tire after a while. With some fantastic defending by the Staveley defence and Shaz, Staveley battled them off. After some great work by Rachel Calderbank unfortunately they gained a penalty corner, which with a great strike nuzzled in the bottom right corner with Charlie seeing it rather late.

The second half was moving slowly with a lot of play from both teams but no real scoring opportunities. Finally some decent shots got put in at either end with some good saves by the Matlock keeper and a fantastic diving save off the line from Charlie. As the second half went on Staveley gained more of the possession with Matlock tiring quickly.

After some great play, Claire Hopkinson was called over by Matlock’s umpire and shown a green card from an apparent deliberate foot in the 25, but if anything it spurred her on to finish the game strong.

Staveley had some great play and after a lot of work Shaz managed to nip one in to really finish off the game with a bang. With a tired Matlock, Staveley maintained the possession to end the game with a fantastic 6-1 win to kick start the season. With a fantastic performance from the whole team, with Sharon Colwell being voted Man of the Match to put Staveley in contention for a fantastic season.

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