Feeling Hot hot hot!! 1st October

The Staveley side were over-joyed to be playing in the freaky 25 degree heat at the start of October!

But the most important thing really is that I, me, that is Gina… (man of the match) scored. Yes you heard it right…back of the net.

A few other details you readers may like to know, although you’ll find that it’s not really as important, is that:

It was really hot.
Defence got shouted at a lot (unwarranted).
Overall we played a great game.
Oh, and Kara set up the goal for Gina.
Sam was sweaty (but played great in goal).

The sarnies were nice-thank u Jim.

Staveley 1 – Ashbourne 0

By Gina (Man of Match and Goalscorer)

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