Staveley 1sts storm to top of the league.

Despite a range of ailments staveley stormed to top of the league with a convincing all round performance. After peppering the goal with shots in the opening ten minutes, an inspired substitution saw Sarah Calderbank slot the ball in the back of the net to open the scoring.

After sustained pressure and some good saves from their keeper, lozza made it 2. The first half was characterised by some impressive interplay between defence and midfield. The second half saw the floodgates open.
Vaughney opened the scoring with an absolute belter. Then Anna bagged two in quick succession and kelly niftily lifted the ball over the keeper to make it six. After the most sporting gesture of the match, with potential hatrick girl Anna Engel owning up to kicking the ball into the net. The scoring was rounded off with a beautifully worked vintage manoevre. Emma Chapman took the short to Anna, who then returned it and Chapman belted it into the far corner. Royce’s most dangerous player was marked out the game by player of the match Rachel Calderbank. A terrific all round performance.

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