Plates are better anyway – 15th October

Staveley 2nds vs Belper – Cup Match

After a 7-0 slaughtering of Matlock last week, Staveley were confident ahead of the match with Belper, the only issue being having to strip off to change into nice grey polo shirts due to a colour clash. Would these shirts prove to be lucky? Only time would tell.

Belper pushed back and forged ahead and disppointingly got an early goal. Staveley didn’t back down and battled back bravely. Within ten minutes Niamh netted a cracker. The crowd went wild. Well… Bev, Sarah and Becky and Grace’s boyfs did.

Half time came and went quickly and pleasantly, as Staveley chomped on old school half time oranges and got excited about the posibility of taking flicks should the result end in a draw.

Staveley pushed back and inmediateley began to dominate again. Becky took a ball to the head but was very brave and played on, setting a good example to young Ruby on the sidelines.

Despite spending much time in the opposing half, a sudden Belper break had Staveley sprinting back. But not fast enough as Belper scored their second.

Staveley came back though, bagging several penalty corners… But frustratingly no goals came from them.

Out of the cup… But bring on the plate!

Full time:
Staveley 1 – Belper 2

Man of the match – Niamh

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