Remember remember the 5th November…

Remember remember the fifth of November… As the day Staveley got revenge! (firework references throughout, can you spot them?)

It’s bonfire night and there were certainly fireworks on the pitch, as well as a bit of poo. (But Gina took care of that – no one touch her stick!)

There was everything to play for after Staveley missed out to Belper in a cup match just 2 weeks previously.

Staveley pushed back and at once the team began to dominate, monopolizing the ball, with the first goal from Emma Schaaning coming early on from a penalty corner.

Soon after Gina Peeler netted. On being interviewed Gina’s modest response was Ii just tapped it in Sam. It was nothing.”

Belper rallied and came back with a goal from a lovely strike across the goal just before the whistle blew for half time.

Half time discussions ended in Staveley reverting to the original line up to try and create more chances.
Niamh also offered money incentives for goals. Mr Hardwick now owes £25, we’re not sure he is aware of this. If he doesn’t pay up, pasties are acceptable forms of payment Niamh.

Because of the chance of getting a fiver/pasty, Staveley had a rocket up the bum and upped their game, and it wasn’t long before Niamh netted. Fiver for Niamh.

Shortly after Emma, who was on fire (bon), bagged her second, with several dodges and a good final jab at the ball.

Belper came back with a lucky goal from a penalty corner which nipped between a variety of legs, making the score 4-2.

Staveley hadn’t finished though and it wasn’t long before Niamh bagged her second, earning herself a tenner. Nice.

In a grand finale performance, Maggie fell dramatically to the ground, twisting her knee. We wish her a speedy recovery.

So a 5-2 win to Staveley erases memories of the cup defeat.

What a sparklering performance from all involved.

Catherine wheel is voted man of the match for her explosive efforts!

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