Sunny day sticks – 19th November

It was a sunny day in Chez-Vegas, like, when we found ourselves facing off against top of the table, Derby Asterdale from down t’road.

Staveley started strong despite playing into a blinding sun, but at least we won’t need to fake tan later.

After lots of great hockey, the game ended and we lost 4-0.

Well deserved Man of the Match for an angry Hannah Curley and we’ll come back stronger next time.

One thought on “Sunny day sticks – 19th November

  1. Fran

    Did anyone see a red, grey and black Grays stick bag in the dugout on Saturday? Left it behind like a plonker, only picked up my goalie bag.
    If you’ve found it please comment on here, or text me.
    Cheers, Fran xx

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