Blown Away by Brownies! 26th November

Staveley vs Matlock (home)

At windy St Marys, Staveley 2nds gathered in high spirits (and high winds).

Despite gale force weather it was an upbeat start for the team and Staveley dominated. Even though time was spent in the opposing circle, Staveley couldn’t find that last touch to secure a goal.

Talk of secret brownies for post-match snap at half time, boosted Staveley spirits and both Matlock and Staveley came out fighting. (had they heard of said brownies too?)

Staveley created lots of chances and penalty corners but just couldn’t find the net. Matlock then got a break and used it to their advantage, streaking (how rude) udown the pitch and scoring, taking them 1-0 up.

Staveley didn’t let their heads drop though and on another penalty, made some good passes which found the end of Hannah Curley’s stick. She shoots she scores!! Woop!

Hannah then bravely took a lifted ball to the stomach. Sorry Hannah!

Final score:
Matlock 1 – Staveley – 1

Man of the match: joint Hannah Curley and Catherine Hill
Well done girls!

Ps the brownies are lovely!

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