Ashbourne away. Flipping eck – 28th January 2012

After a delay in setting off, we arrived at Ashbourne in time for a quick warm up. Thank you captain kara.

Staveley had main possession for the first half and put away three fantastic goals. The first coming from the middle calderbank, sarah; Emma converted a short corner to reach sarah in the D where she swooped it in to make it one nil. The second came from gina, again from a short and set up by Emma reaching gina in the D, where she lifted it in to the back of the net to make it two for staveley. Then came Emma’s superb goal, driven in by a free shot by sarah to reach Emma where she took on the defenders and made it three nil.

After half time, the only events were injuries and a touch of anger. Gina managed to get told off by the umpire for ‘flipping’ swearing. Well, you would swear too if three of the team had been taken out by an Ashbourne player and the umpire didn’t pick up on it. But apparantly umpire decision is final….hmmmff.

Luckily sarah c managed to get some good stick tackles in, even though the umpire didn’t like these either…oops!

Hannah Curley made some great runs, and had four shots on goal, unfortunately none managed to hit the back of the net – we all feel your frustration Hannah but the team agree that you played an awesome game which gave her man of the match, well done!!

Staveley 3 – Ashbourne 0

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