2s vs Matlock 6s

With just 9 men in the Staveley half at push back, confidence was shaky. Despite good play, the 2 man deficit forced Staveley onto the back foot and a goal was conceded 5 minutes in.

A cheer from the Staveley team came when Gina rocked up after a nice lie in, a relaxing cup of coffee and a leisurely perusal of the morning papers. Beth arrived soon after and that’s when Staveley brought it, big style.

Staveley’s first goal came from Emma soon after, her first of 3, with other goals from Kara, 2 consecutive goals from Niamh, one from Sarah and even one from defender Sam.

Voted best part of the match unanimously was Maggie’s great run all the way up the pitch. Time stopped as she made it to the D, swung back… and missed. Next time Maggie, next time.

8-1 win, great stew after the match, what more could you want?




One thought on “2s vs Matlock 6s

  1. Fran

    Also, congratulations to Beth for an immense performance at the back which earned her Man of the Match.
    Commiserations to Kara for her scabby knees and Gina for falling on her backside. Xx

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