Staveley vs Derby Asterdale 17th March 2012/St Paddy’s Day

A much anticipated match arrived as Top of the table Derby took on second placed Staveley.

Fran G got her excuses in early with some rubbish about climbing mountains and not being able to move. Whatever Trevor.

Staveley had a giddy warm up with Harry potter glasses being modeled, but came down to earth with a bump when the match began with Staveley one man down. (Catherine got lost but the place is an arse to find, dont follow satnav).

Some big(and high) hits from Derby battered some Staveley bodies but they soldiered on braveley.

Hard work kept Derby at bay and Staveley had good possession, but unfortunately no goals came.

Half time came and the game was nil-nil.

Ten minute into the second half and lady luck smiled on Derby as crowds if people in Staveley’s D ended in an unfortunate own goal. Fran also got hit in the head with a stick. Lucky she had a helmet on.

Staveley continued to defend well, but found no goals. Some have said (not us) that witchcraft was at wok as the captain’s head apparently did a 360 owl-like swivel rotation. This has not been proven however.

Final score 1-0 to Derby

Fran G ended up being man of the match and having a cracking game (despite ‘not being able to move’).

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