Staveley vs Belper

24th March 2012

Described as ‘the best team we’ve played all season’, today was yet another great win for Staveley 2nds.

The game kicked off and Staveley stormed ahead with 2 goals from Emma in quick succession. Staveley kept possession with more great goal attempts including one from Gina. Taking on the goalie and kneeing their helmet off is definitely a first. After previous weeks pushing up bravely, Maggie also just couldn’t stay out of the D and put good pressure on Belper defence.

The opposition rallied though, and the last 10 minutes of the first half saw pressure piled on Staveley, and the defence working hard to get us back in the game.

1/2 time saw both sides having a serious strategy discussion. The fear being that the game was far from won and the knowledge that Belper would come out fighting.

Staveley picked up in the second half and more goals came from Kara, who’d literally just run onto the pitch. Niamh netted and Sam got the slowest goal in hockey history.

After the final whistle, the Belper coach kindly commented on our marvelous diamond formations. Whatever this means we are sure it is good. We’re not quite sure what a ‘W’ is either.

The match report wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Niamh who had a slight rage at Gina for not passing the ball. We are putting this down to a cash shortage and the need to earn some money via goals .

Final score 5-0

Man of the match – Sam Dean

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