Double warm up works a treat – Staveley 2nds Vs Burton

St Benedicts, Derby

After a super, muscle stretching warm up, Staveley 2nds retired once again to the changing room to wait for the small footballers to leave the pitch. Double booked per chance St Benedicts??

Discussions pertaining to blackpool hockey tour and what outfits we could wear boosted morale and the team once again went outside for another warm up. No muscles will be pulled today!

Burton had first push back, but Staveley soon began to dominate, something that continued throughout the match.

Within the first ten minutes, Rachel Calderbank had fallen down for no apparent reason, which raised spirits and spurred Sam to score the first of Staveley’s many goals.

It wasn’t long before the next goal was scored by Sam, but to be fair no one was marking her, so she should have scored.

Towards the end of the first half a Burton boot blocked a goal, so Sarah (the caterpillar) Calderbank took the flick and netted for Staveley.

2nd half:
Great play in the second half by all and 3 more goals ( 2 from Sam, 1 from Sarah) ensured an emphatic victory.

Go Staveley! Whoop!

Final score:
Staveley 6-0 Burton
Man of the match: Sam

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