Staveley versus Belper, Saturday 20th

On a sunny autumnal day Staveley took part in another Calderbank warm up. Oof, we were warm. Caterpillars and stretches done, we lost the toss and had to face the sun for the first half. Boo.

A very frustrating first half ensued as Staveley couldn’t convert any shots on goal. Sarah Calders, Tiff and Kara’s attempts unfortunately didn’t get past Belper’s keeper and we ended the first half nil nil.

Some great umpiring by Deej but we did think that Belper’s umpire would re-appear in the second half with a white shirt. He didn’t tho.

The second half was a vast improvement on the first for Staveley as we earned ourselves fifteen whole pounds. Sarah C pushed past their defence and scored twice. With help from Mother Curley, Staveley’s confidence was up! Another goal from a mystery scorer. Sarah is kindly letting Tiff take credit for it seeing as nobody knew how it happened.

Final score 3-0

Man of match goes to Maggie Curley.

Birthday celebrations at Brampton after for Mason’s big 30. Happy birthday Kara!!

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