Staveley 2nds vs Ashbourne

The sun shone on Staveley 2nds first home match of the new season, with the result being an ‘up for it’ team.

Captain Kara started things well by falling on her arse in an attempt to intimidate our opposition by being covered in mud. She had a dirty bum throughout the match.

The team missed its traditional Calderbank warm-up and had to make do with sloppy seconds from Gina.
We started strongly with a new formation of 4-3-3 (thanks Fletch!) with plenty of shots on goal.

Midfield and attack was strong with new recruits Claire and Jen.

First goal came from Claire, who really meant to score. Jen had a fantastic shot on goal, which was unfortunately saved by the oppositions head, luckily no harm was done as her hand blocked her face. Staveley was awarded a flick which Hoppy kindly volunteered/was nominated for, unfortunately the keeper managed to slide to the side for a save.

With so many shots on goal, the team had a boost and led to Jen scoring a real goal with no obstructions. Claire got one more for the team. The next goal was a combination of efforts between Gina and Jen, but due to lack of goals on Gina’s score sheet, she claimed it, what a cow!

We kept a clean sheet with an awesome defence and coaching from Fran in goal. Final score 4-0. Fantastic game from Staveley and a great start to the season.
Man of the match; Jen Lawson

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