Staveley 2s vs Rolls Royce 2

It was a very early start for the Staveley Team to get down to Derby in time for a 10am pushback.

The opposition were a lovely bunch of girls only able to field 10 players, not that you could tell!

We played like we’d got seven with some tired legs and seemed unable to put away the numerous chances we had in the first half.

After a stern talking to by captain Kara we started the second half in the same vein with Rolls Royce finally being rewarded for their persistence with a goal. This was the rocket up Staveley bums we needed but we still couldn’t seem to put the ball in their net.

After a more aggressive final 10, we ended with a 1-0 loss and slightly bruised egos. Awesome food though and very cheap beer!

Man of the match: Sam Dean

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