Just Win!

Staveley 2nds vs Matlock 5s

Staveley 2nds all arrived on time, much to everyone’s surprise, (though Gina is in India, which explains it.)
Pre-match team talks included an agreement not to be lazy and to try and win.
The first half ensued with the team meeting the ball and getting lots of chances on goal. Towards the end of the first half Kara got on the end of one of Catherine’s crosses and netted for Staveley.

Half time came and went, who needs oranges when milky bar buttons are available. Nathaniel (4) showed off his hockey skills and has been signed up for next week. (Though it isn’t guaranteed the 1st team won’t steal him).

Catherine showed great skill on the right wing and had some great crosses towards Matlock’s goal. Fran P got on the end of one to score Staveley’s second.

Some great play by Staveley who’re back on track and looking to continue performing well against Ilkeston in next week’s cup match.

Staveley 2nds (2) – Matlock 5ths (0)

Man of the Match: Catherine Hill

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