Angry birds (with sticks) – Staveley 2nds v Ilkeston

For the first time since….well probably ever, Staveley 2nds turned up a whole 45 minutes early (nothing to do with the absence of captain Kara and Gina).

When the other team finally turned up the game got off to a fiery start. Staveley started out on top, much to the surprise and annoyance of the opposition, stringing together some excellent passes carving open the opposition. After around 10 minutes our hard work paid off when we were awarded a short corner which Vaughany smashed through their defence to put us ahead.

We kept up the pressure with Jen making some excellent runs down the right hand side in particular.

Despite much complaining and rugby-like moves from a couple of opposing players Vaughany scored again from a well worked short corner to put Staveley 2-0 up.
As the half came to the end Staveley legs got tired and despite our best efforts (including Grace throwing herself in front of the ball a number of times) Ilkeston managed to pull one back.

After receiving a complaint at half time at the fact we had a full team and we’re not rubbish (go figure?) we decided to go for more of the same. We started off again with some excellent passing between our midfield and upfront players, Ruth making some excellent individual runs often skipping past a number of players.

Ilkeston bought the game to us more, overwhelming our defence and managed to snag 2 scrappy goals putting them ahead 3-2.

After a hard, well contested game unfortunately we came up a little short. Once the whistle went we all agreed that plates are better than cups anyway.
Player of the match went to Jen and Ruth after an excellent game from both.

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