Staveley 1st vs Belper 3rds

Staveley 1st against Belper 3rds away November 23rd at Belper.

Staveley had an early meet time and a surprising defrost of windscreens meant the team needed a good warm up too. Staveley got off to a super start with Linz and Loz passing the ball around the circle for a well practiced short corner routine. Well it looked that way from where we were standing.

There was some superb movement both on and off the ball by all members of the team. Shaz continued to maintain her goal a game ratio with a well timed reverse stick strike which was well placed to beat the keeper.

At half time the score was a healthy 5-0. Whilst Em was receiving first aid from team coach Bev, the team talk about spaghetti bolognese and cheese seemed to detract the focus from the task in hand. Needless to say the temperature seemed to drop further and so did Staveley’s pace.

The game ended with a 6-2 win to Staveley.
Ruth was the clear winner for man of the match.
Goal scorers – Linz hat trick, Ruth 1, Claire 1 and Shaz 1.

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