Ashbourne vs Staveley 2nds

Staveley were once again early, Imagine that.
We won the toss to Kerry’s surprise and started strong with some great passes up the right and a fantastic chance at goal as Kelly T swung and swung again but couldn’t put it in the box.

With brilliant passes from Sam in the middle and a short corner from Kara but Staveley were denied again. Hannah managed to take a player out to finish the half.

We were still scoreless at half time and 5 min was added to the second half. A quick start and they where given a short corner.
1-0 but still Staveley were head high. Lack in fitness in midfield showed and we were not quick enough to get back and Ashbourne took another 2-0. 

Kara tried to keep our heads up and Grace made a fantastic run into the D but just wide, Staveley girls had hope once more as a few short corners where give and still nothing.
On the break Ashbourne were quick and stole another one from under our feet. 3-0.

Sam once again made super passes and got it through to Catherine who hit it across to Kelly T but between the keepers feet it stayed. 

Their sweeper smacked the ball up the field onto an attacking stick to put us 4-0 down. Some brilliant play all round girls and a definate improvement. Man of the match chosen buy both teams was Sam. Well deserved.

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