Burton 4ths vs Staveley 2nds

After a miles walk down just to the changing rooms, thunderstorm and hail came our way and both teams were begging for the game to be called off.

Then after another miles walk down to the pitch, the game was up and running quickly as both teams wanted to get out of the rain.
Staveley started strong but were set on the back foot in the first 5 minutes with a quick break from Burton.
Burton 1 Staveley 0
Staveley kept their heads high and continued their strong start and came straight back with a goal from Niamh Hardwick.
Burton 1 Staveley 1
Confidence was back with Staveley but we were caught in possession and took another blow.
Burton 2 Staveley 1
Staveley still kept strong and knew Burton were beatable…
Brilliant teamwork brought A sweet strike from Jen Lawson and another goal from Niamh Hardwick which meant Staveley went in at half time with their heads high.
It has to be mentioned… A disallowed goal for Staveley from Fran Puddick with what looked like a diving strike which went in the far corner. But the ref had already blown.
Half-time Burton 2 Staveley 3

Staveley knew the game wasn’t over and came out fighting, but so did Burton. A young side with energy kept pushing against Staveley but they stayed strong. A superb shot (nice alliteration there Sarah) from Mandy Wykes went in the goal but after deliberation from the Burton umpire the goal was eventually disallowed (Cheat Cheat Cheat).

Staveley began to get called up for EVERY rule in Hockey!! The Burton umpire became more and more frustrated and gave Mandy Wykes a yellow card for a bit of argy bargy but in her defense the player was giving it back to her the same.

Staveley were on the back foot with 10 men and Burton came close, Niamh was biting her nails in agony over the match. Staveley really deserved to win!
With Mandy back on the game seemed to play in Staveleys favour and with a lot of pushing forward Fran Puddick smashed one in!

Burton 2 Staveley 4

With a final push from Burton to try and get something out of the game they couldn’t do enough and the game came to a close.
Man of the Match shared between Jen and Niamh, well done guys!

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