Staveley 2nds Vs Belper 4s

After some strong performances in recent weeks and a great win the week before, Staveley 2nds were well fired up for their first home game in some time.

After losing the toss Staveley started the game playing into some very strong sun. Both teams came out fighting and Staveley were quickly pushed back into their own half, but with a quick regroup and some strong defending, Belper were soon pushed onto the backfoot.
With strong passing and movement, Staveley were soon rewarded with a great goal from Sarah Calderbank!

1-0 up despite the sun.

Belper came off their centre pass with some real purpose but again, Staveley pushed back and stretched Belper all the way up the pitch with great switching and movement and some brilliant runs up the right from Catherine and Jen. Again Staveley were rewarded with another cracking goal from Sarah Calderbank.

2-0 for Staveley

Sam was less pleasantly rewarded for her strong defending by a stick to the ankle. After some time she composed herself and played on fiercely.

Half time; 2-0 up and a great team talk from captain Kara.

Belper came out from the break fighting but couldn’t crack the goal; some great clearances from Hannah Matchett and all round brilliant defending from Maggie, Grace, Yzzy, Kerry and Sarah kept their attacks at bay. Staveley continued to press hard and kept Belper mostly on the defence with a goal in the dying seconds of the game, this time set up by Scalders and popped in by Niamh.

Final score 3-0. A clean sheet, great performance by everyone and well deserved Man of the Match for Scalders!!!

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