Want to order new kit…?

The cutoff date to order kit so you can receive it by October is NEXT Wednesday, 27th August.

Grace has also been working with SilverFX to design a gilet, some shorts and a base layer, all of which will be available to order online very soon.

Ordering kit?

Don’t forget you can save yourself the postage by getting your stuff sent to Grace’s and she’ll let you know once everything’s arrived.

Red touring shirts

Quite a few of these have run in the wash (and turned pink!) so Grace has got SilverFX to agree to replace these, FOR FREE!!

If you’ve got one, give your red shirt back to Grace and she’ll sort out the exchange.

Well done and HUGE thanks to Grace who continues to do a great job in sorting out our kit and in working with SilverFX to get new kit. Thanks Grace!

Not long till the new season, see you all very soon!!

2 thoughts on “Want to order new kit…?

  1. Emma Mycroft

    Hi there

    Does training start again on the 10th sep?? I did come last year to 1 session !! I do want to actually come to a few more this season lol, my daughter will be training til 8pm this year with CHC juniors , so will be easier for me to stay

    Thanks Emma

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Hi Emma,
      We’re not 100% sure at the mo when the first session will be, but I suspect it will be the 10th, yes.
      Watch the website or our Facebook page for updates though.
      You’d be very welcome at training sessions; be great if you could come along 🙂

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