Staveley 2s vs Derby 4s

A full-on warm-up from Sarah Calderbank (including the much anticipated, calf stretching sheep-herder), readied Staveley for the third home match of the season.

Staveley came out fighting, with impressive possession and passing. Newcomer Jo made a great diving save behind keeper Hannah, keeping Derby from scoring early on.

Near misses from Fran, Cheryl and Niamh kept Staveley on their toes and eager for goals in the second half.

Again Staveley came out fighting (apart from Niamh who sloped off at half time). A ‘sticky’ point came when Fran hooked the opposition around the legs and floored her. She was fine.

15 minutes before time, Derby caught the home team on the hop during substitute transitions and made a break for the goal making it 1-0.

Staveley took great offense at this and within 5 minutes Gina made a break after a great pass from Grace. Great skill and determination led to Staveley’s equalizer… Well done Gina!

But… Gina wasn’t finished yet, after more great passing, the centre-mid put another one away, leaving Staveley 2-1 up, where they stayed until full-time.

Staveley 2 – Derby 1

Man of the match: Holly Spavold

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