Staveley 1st v Matlock 3rd 25th Oct 2014

Staveley arrived at the meeting point to find that a number of players had to drop out due to prior commitments. Nevertheless the determination of the team came through and off they went with 9 players. Once a team colour had been decided we went to the pitch.

We have learnt that a good warm up is vital as a number of the players cannot now walk correctly, the rest won’t be able to walk tomorrow. A makeshift formation was created and the game commenced. Matlock scored early and the team thought this would be a tough game. A break forward resulted in a penalty corner.

The speed with which Andrea hit the ball surprised the experienced keeper as it shot in to the back of the net. Despite a hard hit on the bunion, she went on to score two more penalty corners either side of the half.

Kelly took the ball and set off down the pitch. Emma and Andrea were chuntering as players were free for a pass but she scored so we let her off. (It was a pretty good goal too.)

Charlie made some super saves, even saving a flick. A successful debut by little Martin, making some fab challenges. The game ended 4-2 to Staveley. A superb team effort and an awesome game.

Note: Don’t make statements at the start of the game that you are not prepared to carry out.

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