Staveley 2nd vs Wulfric, 25th October 2014

After some hard graft by the skipper to not only scrape a team together but also find an umpire, the game was finally on.

An early morning start would not tire Staveley’s winning spirit and so the team set out to do their best and the scene was set for another epic game!
Matchett was not particularly happy with the beautiful weather due to the sun being in her eyes.

After several attempts, one hitting the post Staveley didn’t give up and after some quick passing Alex put in our first goal.

Some great defending and great runs Staveley had position again. A long run up field Gina, Sam, Catherine and Kelly all working well together Alex’s quick sweep put another one in. Staveley were playing brilliantly.

Half time arrived and after some good discussions we were ready for more!

We started off a little scrappy and lost losing some possession we needed to create some space and make it our game again. Which we soon did.

A great ball by Holly to Catherine and a fantastic run all the way up the pitch Jo took a strike at the top of the D to put in another. We were all feeling positive.

Wulfric came out strong and quick. Some quick balls and they had one back. Our heads didn’t drop; we where going to win this. It came again from creating some good space for Grace to pass it to Gina who played it on for Catherine; a cross in and the ball in the air Alex blasted it in. 4-1.

Soon after we found ourselves defending, Grace with a fly in the eye and Sam being knocked down didn’t stop us. Izzy’s quick pass to Jo and up the field we ran. Sam with a big strike put home the final goal. With 6 min to go Staveley didn’t give up.

When the final whistle went we where all as happy as can be. A well deserved win ladies. Everyone played a fantastic game.

5 -1 win to Staveley!!

Gina is voted Man of the Match by the opposition with Jo voted Man of the Match by us. Well done too both.

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