Plates are better than cups, obviously

A bright sunny day on 1st November saw the first round of the cup for Staveley seconds against Ashbourne.

Having played a tough game against this side a few weeks previously, we knew it wouldn’t be an easy game. Still though, Staveley turned out with a full squad, subs and a Calderbank special warm up.

The opposition had youth and skinny legs on their side, but we had gummy bears at half time to look forward to so we weren’t worried.

It was Ashbourne’s pushback to start, and Staveley feeling determined, did their best to intercept. It wasn’t long however before Ashbourne managed to get in the D and score their first goal.

Staveley rotated players to keep up with the pace, but unfortunately, Ashbourne managed to slide another 2 through, leaving the half time score at 3-0.

A good team talk at half time (and gummy bears) refreshed Staveley’s momentum and we came out fighting. It wasn’t long before Kelly Fields had a fantastic hit on goal and scored in the top right of the net (all with the hangover from hell, well done Kelly!) Ashbourne weren’t quite finished and managed to get one more by us, leaving the final score 4-1.

Despite a tough match and feeling deflated afterwards, Staveley played really well, and it was decided afterwards that we as ever, prefer plates anyway. Deservedly, Jen got MOTM. Well done Jen.

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