Plate game; Staveley 2nds vs Ashbourne 4s

Staveley’s ladies were ready to take on Ashbourne although the captain and 2 key players were nowhere to be seen just before pushback!
When we eventually arrived Calders shouted ‘1 min before pushback’. A quick run on the spot and we were ready.
Staveley started off really well with some great passing and runs up the wing we made many chances and soon Fran put one in the net. 1-0 Staveley!

Soon after we were in trouble with a short corner but our defenders where quick to dispose of it.

Gina took the ball from the half way line with support from Holly but no need as she took it all the way and put a fantastic goal in the back of the box…

After the second goal Staveley ladies thought that they had it in the bag and we started playing really sloppy.

At half time a new strategy was drilled in by our fantastic new coach Kelly.. and soon we found it working. Everyone was calling for the W…!

Ashbourne came out strong and were passing brilliantly and creating chances but we didn’t give up. And again a drive down the right hand side plus a ball through to Jen and somehow the goal keeper stepped over it and Staveley were 3-0 up!

The game came to an end but not before the captain got called to one side because Kelly T couldn’t keep her mouth shut and apparently argued; I was only agreeing with him!

Well done all round ladies, a good performance once again. Man of the match was awarded to Holly.

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