In for the win!! Staveley 2nds vs Burton 3rds

By Grace Colley

Positivity was in the air at the start of today’s match v Burton 3rds thanks to a super win last week in the Plate competition and after watching a great performance from the Firsts earlier that morning.

Our normal ‘opening of the gate’ and ‘herding the sheep’ warmup was carried out by Gina as Sarah wasn’t here to herd the little fellas in. (Don’t think we closed the gate and they are still running riot on the pitch!! Hehe!!)

Looking very professional with a little white board and pen we all knew where we were meant to be and what our tactics were. We were ready!! 🙂

From the off we meant business and had some fantastic runs and shots on goal and it wasn’t long before the first goal went in. Can’t really describe the goals as being in defence I am normally at the other end of the pitch but I’m sure it was a fantastic goal from Niamh and another £5 in the pocket from her Dad!

Obviously I was counting sheep as it took along time for me to realise they only had 9!

Gina took the ball on a great run but unfortunately collided with Burton’s keeper who sustained an injury to the head. Kara saw the opportunity and leapt into action, securing Staveley’s second goal. 2-0 to the home team!

Another super shot by Kelly Thring saw another goal at the back of the net. She celebrated her goal despite significant pain from her wisdom teeth, you’re a trooper Kel!

At half time the Burton captain must have dialled 118 118 because a keeper and some hockey players turned up, which meant they now had a full team. We were concerned this might make the second half harder but nothing was going to spoil our day today. We played well as a team and had some fantastic play up and down the wings.

Jo put the ball in the back of the net but unfortunately it was disallowed for not travelling 5 before going in the D. Boo!

Unfortunately, Burton pulled a goal back during a Penalty Corner play but they couldn’t catch us.

The final whistle blew and everyone was ecstatic with the win. Smiles and tired looks on everyone’s faces.

A great result to end the first half of the season and we’re now 6th in the league tables. Well done Staveley 2’s!! Here’s to the second half of the season!!! A top half finish is well within our grasp!!!

A big thank you to everyone who came to support us on the sidelines this week. The cheering, support and positive comments really helped us along. 🙂

Final score Staveley 2nds 3 – Burton 1!

Man of the match: Jen

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