Phoenix vs Staveley 2nds

This was Staveley’s first match back of 2015, and their first match in about 6 weeks due to cancellations because of bad weather.

After arriving at Woodlands, the Staveley team found that the previous match had overrun and had a good 30 minute wait to get on the pitch, which meant no time for a warm up. Some of the Staveley team were relieved at this.

After losing our previous game against Phoenix, Staveley expected a tough match, but it was to their surprise that the away side dominated the game and maintained possession for the first twenty minutes.

It was whilst Staveley was on the back foot that Phoenix scored their first goal. A rebound from an attempt at goal meant Phoenix broke away and sped down the wing, goalkeeper Hannah attempted a slide to save, but unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Staveley kept their heads up but it wasn’t enough to keep Phoenix from getting another in the net.

After half time team talks, it was decided that the ball needed to be in the ‘D’ to actually score. So this is what we worked on, whacking it in!

Staveley had some fantastic shots on goal, and on the whole played a brilliant game, but sadly the scoreline stopped at 2-0 at full time.

Holly got MOTM, well done.

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