Staveley 1st vs Belper 2nds – 14th February 2015

A cold and wet start to the morning, with Belper starting their professional warm up, Staveley began to start their usual. After a brief warm up we were ready to start, Loz organised us well with a ‘usual positions guys’ and we were ready to go.

Belper started strong with clear organisation. We were pinned into our half for most of the first period. Lots of great marking and some good saves when needed, we held them well for twenty one minutes, Karena deserves a special mention here with some great tackles and ran like a gazelle. A quick movement and a smashing shot, Belper were ahead.

Hitting them on the break, we caught them unawares and Loz smashed it after side-stepping the keeper. 1-1 at half time.

With Ruth given the vital role of marking one of their better players we were away! They started strong but it was clear Ruth’s effort was a hindrance. Unfortunately they gained a short corner, a blast was sneakily deflected into the goal to make it 2-1 to Belper.

Staveley stepped up their game and pushed for the equaliser. A very well worked play pushed Loz down the wing, with a smashing ball into Vaughany, great turn and a brilliant run to the back post by Claire who placed the ball beautifully into the net, 2-2!
With the bit between their teeth, Staveley put their all into the last ten minutes. Belper were considerably more tired and we were pushing for the win. Vaughany grabbed the ball and with some silky skills and a tight angle she slickly snuck the ball in.

Staveley win 3-2!
A well fought game by all. Man of the Match awarded to Ruth, who marked their best player all second half.

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