Staveley 1 vs Derby 2nds

A glorious sunny day, we came with great intentions. After a tough game against them away, we were determined to right the wrong. With Andrea appearing in the nick of time to start us with 11.

We pressed from the off and with some great passing and beautiful turns, especially from Emma S, we started the better team. They started to build up momentum but our defensive efforts were holding them back.

With a smashing pass to Andrea, with a diving shot, saved and Lindsey Vaughan belted it into the net. After more great play and two atrocious sitters by Andrea we were battling for more goals. Loz picked up the ball and zig zagged graciously and sprinted down the wing, squared it to Andrea for a shot into the open goal.

More great play and a well worked non goal from Ruth we were working harder. At the end of the first half, the score was 3-0.

Despite a change in the weather, from sun to snow, Staveley continued to press forward, passing the ball swiftly and effectively around the opposition. Karena imposed herself on the game by man-marking the opposition’s main strike force out of the game.

Heather, fresh back from her travels, supported the right side attack from her defensive position.
The opposition managed to steal one goal back, despite Charlie making some great saves during the game.

The defence worked well as a unit, Emma C solid in defence, as always, encouraged by Andrea’s chants of, ” You’ll never get past the Chapman!!” (And her forearms!)

Claire C was in some great positions on the left and attacked with drive towards the goal. Passing to Hoppy whose strike rebounded off the post,

Claire following up with a stunning goal. Shaz worked exceptionally well in midfield, creating triangles to keep the ball pace moving and fluid.

The game ended with a well-deserved Staveley win 5-1. A curry and chips back at the Rose and Crown was well appreciated.

Celebrations due to continue into the night at the Race Night.

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