Matlock Baileans 4s vs Staveley 2nds – 14th March

It was a late start for our heroes with a chilly, 4pm pushback for a rescheduled Plate match. Yet another chance for us to prove plates are better than cups? Perhaps!

Staveley started strong, with some fantastic movement and passing through the midfield and were rewarded with some early breaks into the Matlock ‘D’. Keeping almost constant pressure on the Matlock team, Staveley dominated possession despite ‘Mary’s’ best efforts.

Matlock broke through every so often but were ably beaten back by defensive dream team Holly, Izzy, Rache and Sarah Duck. On the rare occasions Matlock penetrated the D, any shots were cleared by Fran, fresh out of goalie retirement.

Some strong work on the left from JoJo led to great runs up the field from Claire C but despite the pressure, and some great passes between Kelly and Gina in the middle, Staveley went off at half-time frustrated but buoyant at a so-far impressive appearance.

We knew that Matlock would come back strong after the break and the home team advantage started to show, with a very vocal sideline choir playing ‘twelfth man’ for the home team.

After some to and fro-ing, Matlock were awarded a short corner early in the second half, which despite great defensive work in closing down players and clearing the ball, turned into a second short. Lifted or not? That’s our weekly debate these days!

This time, Matlock’s luck held and an unfortunate deflection put them 1-0 up.

Jen continued to harry the right wing, battling through some defensive walls to get the ball through to Ruth, whose speed regularly foxed the Matlock defence, but we still couldn’t capitalise.

Matlock on the other hand, had fresh legs to call on and were able to make more of the breaks they had, converting a 2 on 1 attack into a cheeky goal. 2-0 to Matlock.

We battled on to the end, despite some very cold and tired legs but it wasn’t to be. Matlock move into the next round whilst Staveley 2s are officially out of the Plate competition.
It’s all about the cutlery for the rest of the season…!

Hard luck Staveley, we’ll get them next time.

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