Awards from the 2015 AGM

Congratulations and well done to all of the Club’s awesome award winners.

Sarah Calderbank received the prestigious Chris Cowley Award for commitment and enthusiasm, well done Sarah!!

Jo Johnson, Captain's Player award winner.
Here’s Jo Johnson with her Captain’s Player Award.

Ruth Elliot got the award for 1st team Players Player and Karena Moore got captains player. Well done both!!

Andrea Rogers and Lindsay Vaughan shared the Club’s top goal scorer award.
Jo Johnson got Captain’s Player while Jen Lawson got Player’s Player.
Gina Stevens got the Chris Dennis award Club Member of the Year)

Gina with her Chris Dennis Award.
Gina Stevens won the Chris Dennis Award for 2015z
Holly, Young Player of 2015
Holly Spavold, Staveley Hockey Club’s Young Player of 2015; well done Holly!
Ruthand her 1st Team's Captain Award.
Ruth Elliott with her 1st Team Captain’s Player Award.
Sarah got the Chris Cowley Award for commitment and enthusiasm
Sarah Calderbank; Chris Cowley Award Winner!!

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