Belper 5s vs Staveley 2nds – 3rd October

Regardless of the fact we only had 10 men, the odds weren’t against us and we went on to pull a 2-0 over Belper 5s.

We started out a little shakey and all over the place due to eagerness and excitement but we soon gathered ourselves and made great passes out to the wings and up the pitch.

Coming close to a goal in the first 15 minutes we were now keen to put one in; and we did. A pass out to Catherine on the wing who solidly hit it to the flick spot for Fran to flick in. 1-0.

Spending most of our time up the field with our midfield and attacking lines close together we let them slip through the space and the gaps but soon recovered and went on to rally up the field. Passes out the wings and movement from the centre made us solid and we weren’t letting them go lightly.

Sarah was always there covering, running back and up field and not letting them break our defence; making solid passes out to Catherine and Jen. The ball went to Jen, then to Kara, then to Catherine and then to the flick spot. Unfortunately no one was there to pick it up but we were ready to go on and pick up another.

Winning a short corner and setting up quick this was it. A smooth injection from Kara straight to Sarah who smashed the ball straight into the bottom left hand corner of the goal, a brilliant shot. 2-0.

That was it, we carried on to put the work in right until the whistle. In the whole game we made great spaces with Danielle out down near the goal, Catherine on the right wing, Kara out on the left, Gina in the middle who made some great runs and shots for goal, and Jen and Sarah who never let them get past. Charlie (GK) didn’t even get a touch on the ball. Great game.

Man of the Match: Catherine

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