Staveley 2nds vs Matlock 5s

Following our win last week, Staveley arrived at home ready for a tough game against Matlock with a positive attitude ready to score some goals!

After a very enthusiastic and non-optional warm up on the tennis courts by Calders, we were all ready to face Matlock, and it showed. We absolutely dominated possession for the whole first half and with a lot of running, quick passing and many shots, Kelly got one past the keeper. 1-0!

Staveley set up quickly from the goal and after a tackle and some runs up the middle from Nuala and Gina, Jen also scored putting us 2-0 up for half time.

Half time talks from coach Kev and some feedback from Charlie told us what we needed to do to keep ahead of Matlock in the second half.

Some good passing down the line gave Kelly her second with Fran shortly following turning a brilliant pass into a goal from the flick spot.

With a few minutes to go, Gina had a cracking strike straight into the back of their net.

5-0 win putting us top of the table – GO STAVELEY!!!
Man of the Match: Kelly Fields

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