Staveley 2nds 5-0 Ashbourne 3rds

After a shaky start, Staveley got into their stride, seeing several chances saved by the Ashbourne keeper. Finally, after some great advantage played from Chris, Rachel on her debut scored her first goal for the club and Staveley’s first of the match. Staveley continued to press, having several short corner attempts cleared by Ashbourne.

Nuala made a fantastic run down the left, but was taken out, damaging her ear in the process. Claire then successfully got the ball in the back of the net, however, the whistle had been blown for another short corner, therefore it was disallowed. Then came the ‘You can’t be serious’ moment. SCalders took the short corner to Claire, who then passed to Gina and another short was called for a foot. Ashbourne’s umpire then over-ruled the decision, “It didn’t go outside the ‘D’”.

As a result Kara was told to tell Claire to calm down. Staveley went in 1-0 up, both oppositions were warned to tell all players to keep their cool in the second half. Jo provided the team with haribo to give Staveley the boost they needed for the second half.

Staveley dominated the second half with fantastic play from all players, switching it from side to side and were eventually rewarded with their second goal and Danielle’s first of the game. Shortly after Claire found herself on the ‘Naughty Chair’ for 2 minutes after receiving a green card.

Shortly after we were back up to full strength another short corner was given and Claire struck it from the top of the ‘D’ and into the back of the net. It was definitely outside the ‘D’!! Staveley’s fourth came shortly after when Danielle scored her second of the match with an assist from Nuala. Jo then made a great run and saw her shot hit the far post, so Close!

A further penalty corner was then shortly awarded and the final whistle was blown, however the corner has to be played. Up Jo came and was ready and waiting at the top of the ‘D’. Kara took the corner sweeping it to Jo, who struck the ball from the top of the ‘D’ and into the back of the net.

A fantastic game by all, however the MOM award went to Jo Johnson, what a great come back from over 2 months out. It’s like you’ve never been away!

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