Top of the Table Clash: Staveley 2s v Woodlands October 2015

It was a tough game against strong opponents. Although we lost we played a good game, almost bringing it level in the second half.

1-0 down after the first 5 minutes, Fran struck back, seeing the ball in behind the goalie after an assist from Gina to bring us back to 1 all. Unfortunately this lasted all of 30 seconds due to an unlucky breakaway which saw us 2-1 down.

Although we kept the pressure on well, they managed to get a third in and we were down 3-1 at half time.
A good half time talk reminded us about keeping the width better and this seemed to work well as we looked the better team starting off in the second half. Sarah brought us back to 2-3 with a lovely shot at goal off a short which was seen in by a defender. It looked for a minute that we might bring it level and we kept the pressure up but unfortunately they just had the edge and finished the match 4 – 2.

It was a hard fought game by all but special mentions should go to Gina, who despite the wet conditions must have run the equivalent of a 10k (and even invented a new “2 knee slide tackle” move which I’m sure will take off well). Also Kara who despite feeling dizzy and sick still put in a big effort whilst managing not to vomit on anyone, but it was Karena who deservedly won MOM, doing a great job of picking up loose balls and getting the play moving back up in to our attacking half.

And to finish…

Yso yso yso…
We brought our fight to the top team yo
We didn’t win but we a’nt backing down no
Next time she a’nt gonna be so nice so
You better watch out for Yso…

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