Staveley 2s vs Findern, 6th November

An early, rainy morning takes us to Sinfin, near Derby, a surprisingly long way away.

After a week’s break and three weeks since our last win, it was a tentative Staveley that took to the pitch this morning. And almost immediately, Findern punished us for that. Working the ball straight through us and into the goal, 1-0 down.

This set for the scene for the rest of the half, Staveley often on the back foot and losing confidence in our passing and tackles. Thanks to some great defending, in particular from Jo, we held on and went off at half time, 1-0 down, feeling like a very different team to the one who has taken the pitch so far this season.

After some great observations and comments from Ange, and some fortifying Tangfastics, we restarted the half with a bit more fire in our belly. However, so did Findern, who again seemed to walk the ball into the goal. But not before giving Hannah a bit of a shove. And on her birthday too!!!

With only 25 minutes left and 2-0 down, Staveley finally came to life, making some great runs and passes down the right, going for every ball and powering through the Findern defence. Special mention to JLaw for causing all sorts of problems on the edge of the D and securing a number of Long Corners.

Finally our efforts were rewarded with a Short Corner, which was saved, rebounded and then beautifully smashed into the backboard by Rachel. We were back in the game!!!

Spurred on by this, Staveley stayed on the offensive, stretching Findern all the way up the field. With some great movement on the right between Annabel, Sarah and  Jen and some great crossing work, we were again rewarded for our efforts with another Short. Which a determined JoJo marched up the field to take and dutifully smashed in. 2-2!!!

And after a couple more minutes, that’s where the game ended. After 70 minutes of wind, rain, slipping and sliding, we’d secured a draw, away from home with a top-table team. Not bad for an early Saturday morning.

Woman of the Match was unanimous, the incredible Jo Johnson, goal-scorer and defender extraordinaire.


Hannah, Yso, JoJo, Holly, JLaw, Danielle, Scalders, Kara, Lauren, Rachel, Annabel and Fran

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