Staveley Firsts v Matlock Baileans 3s – 14th November

A wet and soggy encounter between Staveley and Matlock last Saturday afternoon saw us victorious! A superb game from all involved, brilliant link up play, set us up for victory. We managed to score 7 goals. Goals from Andrea, Claire (2), Linz, Anna, Loz and Sarah.

Claire blasted one from top D, which hit the far bottom corner. Andrea let the ball run across to her reverse side and slapped it in. Vaughany had a shot from top of the D which nicked the keeper and Sarah made sure it

went in. A well worked Short Corner saw Loz pass to Linz, for Linz to pass back to Loz who put it past the Keeper.

Linz won the ball in midfield passing to Loz on the right who returned the ball in the D for Linz to put through Keeper’s legs. Anna finished the game off with a well worked move down the right.
Player of the Match: Loz

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