Staveley 2nds vs Matlock 4s, December 2015

It was a cold, wet, soggy morning and Staveley players were starting to arrive. During the journey towards Matlock, Gina decided to stop to look at some show houses, which was rather fun😉

When we arrived, we headed straight to the changing rooms. We all prepared for what we were about to face. Entering the pitch we were worried as 3 of our players had not arrived yet.

Finally, the match whistle blew and we started with 8 on the pitch. It was raining hard and fast but we were still determined to push through. Eventually, Kara, Jen and Yso turned up and we were underway.

The ball was being played down the sides of the pitch which turned out to be a good strategy.

A quick ball was sent into the D by their player and there was an attacker on the receiving end. It was pushed into the net and was attempted to be stopped by Ysobel, however “It bounced. I would have been able to stop it if I didn’t bounce.” Words of wisdom from our left poster💙

In the second half, it was getting colder and wetter. We had a lot of chances to getting it into the D, however the balls did not reach or there was no one on the receiving end.

A short corner was awarded to the opposition and with a quick pass, a goal was scored. #lucky

A short while later, a ball was sent flying towards the net. But what’s this? Out of no where, Wonder Woman lookalike, Hannah Matchett, leaped and saved it. Brilliant play Matchett.

The final whistle blew and the score was 2-0.

We all headed back to the changing rooms. We would soon warm up, we thought. Boy we were wrong.

Only 5 of us headed back to The Wheatsheaf and we were greeted by Mr Chips and Mrs Cob. A classic favourite.

Well played Staveley Womens Hockey Club❤️

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