Staveley 2s vs Ashbourne-13th Feb 2016

With only 9 players, we decided that the best thing for us to do would be to completely scrap formation and play anywhere and everywhere we could.

The first goal was scored by Gina, it was well within the first 10 minutes and after a cheeky weave through their defence, we were 1-0 up.

Their first goal was scored by taking advantage of our weakness, only having 9 players and 2 at the back. They had a break and it slipped down our right wing, it came to a one on one between their captain and our goalie, Han was so close but so far and they caught up with us and it was now 1-1.

Still in the first half, we were yet to score again. We were awarded a short and it was passed by Gina to the top of the D with Nuala, Lydia and Annie waiting at the top. The ball went to Lydia and with great communication skills was passed to Rachel who drove forward and stuck it into the backboard to make it 2-1.

It seemed that every time we scored, they felt like they had to too. They again took advantage of our weakness and made another break, just getting passed Sarah and who tracked up and down brilliantly. They slipped it through Yso and it was an unlucky goal making it 2-2.

After half time they came out with it all. They knew we were playing hard and we weren’t going to give up. However, they once again got past us and managed to score, but this would’ve been the last of the odds being in their favour.

After a stroll up by the opposition who were clearly pondering the half we’d played before, a annoyed Rachel caused a ruckus. She played the ball to Lydia before the whistle was blown and confronted the umpire with great confidence and she wasn’t going to be stopped. The umpire was speechless, she didn’t know what to say other than the classic “I’m the umpire you’re the player” and after that the game continued.

The ball was played back to Catherine who played a great defence role but also attacking when she went herself, and she carried it down the line to make a cheeky flick over a players stick. It travelled into the D and to Rachel who lifted it into the goal, making it 3-3.

We defended again and got it up pitch with Nuala, Rachel, Gina and Lydia all making runs up and down the pitch. It was passed up the pitch and found Gina in the D, she shot on goal and scored making it 4-3. The last goal was a well deserved one from Annie with a cheeky tap in the D, we were unstoppable, it was 5-3 and this was how it was to stay.

Man of the match was Rachel with Gina falling a vote short. Kelly, our excellent umpire for the day, made all the great decisions and didn’t crumble under any pressure like most would.


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