Belper 4s vs Staveley 2s – April 2nd 2016

Holly and I arrive on time, as usual, with the rest of the team arriving in dribs and drabs at the delightful Belper Meadows hockey pitch, on a soggy spring morning. You’d think with Belper only having a team of 9 players, this would give us an advantage.

However, with at least half of the team sorely hungover from Scalder’s birthday bash the previous evening, we were certainly not the stronger team on the pitch, despite having a full team and a sub unable to play due to a bad hangover.

Play started with 2 women down, but cries from Jen could be heard so we knew she was on her way.

Surprisingly, we were awesome with good, strong passes around the pitch. With play taken from one end of the pitch to the attacking half, Rachel stormed up the pitch to score our first goal. With more great play and determination, we found ourselves with a few short corners, one with a successful pass to Jo at the top of the D, where she hit the ball so hard it nearly cracked. With a cracking goal came an air punch from Jo. BOOM 2-0. Half time was called.

Although they were 2-0 down, Belper came out with a positive attitude and a fighting spirit, which caught us on the hop a few times but our hero, Charlie Calderbank, made some fantastic saves. Unfortunately, this forced the defence to pull together, sometimes even tripping over one another and despite digging deep, Belper took advantage and slipped it into the back of the net.

Like the cavalry, Belper fought on. The goal must have provided them with some encouragement. The second half saw good play from both sides, Jo launched over poor Yso resulting in bruising all round.

The final whistle blew, 2-1 to Staveley. Had we have played the second half like the first half, the score would have very different.

The most important lesson learnt today was that the chips provided by Belper were by far the best ever and we thank you for that.

Please enjoy a lovely picture of me and Holly. (Jo)

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