Staveley 2s vs Belper 4s -April 30th 2016

Staveley Seconds needed to secure a win today, not just to finish second in the table, but also to finish the season on a well-deserved high.

The sun was shining but we started slow.
Thankfully, Hannah Matchett was a legend, leading from the back with multiple stops giving the rest of us a chance to get it together and get into the match!
Once we did though, we were off!!

Showing great teamwork, our passing was clean, we kept to the widths and really helped one another out, showcasing the skills that have really kept us on top this season. Despite this, we closed out the first half, 0-0.

A strong team talk and some performance enhancing haribos bolstered our resolve and we stormed into the second half, with Dani slotting a neat shot away in the early minutes. This was shortly followed by another goal from a penalty corner setup by Rache.
Despite our lead, Belper continued to press and took advantage of our older and tired legs on the break. 2-1!!! Even as Belper found their rhythm again, we continue LD to press up the field, keeping the action in their defensive half, an effort that was rewarded when a returning Kelly F put our third away, 15 minutes from the end. 3-1!! Surely it was ours?!

To their credit, Belper never gave up fighting and managed to squeeze one more goal from us, despite some controversy about feet.

The final whistle blew at 3-2. Goals from Dani, Rach and Kelly F.
Thoroughly well deserved MOM for Hannah Matchett who leaves for uni before next season starts and who kept us in the game when the rest of us were looking the other way. Well done Hannah!

And to everyone who’s played this season, well done, you came, you played, you cheered us on, you were awesome! Next season, Number 1 Spot!!!?





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