Staveley 1s v Matlock 3s – 7th October 2017

So, after the joint 30th birthday celebration of Loz & Linz on Friday night (happy bday again girls!🎂) the questions on the lips of the Staveley Massive were:
1) would everyone turn up after being out?
2) if everyone did turn up after being out; who could play?
3) why did Andrea start the buffet before everyone with a pizza 🍕 to herself?

Happily the squad did make it including a return for Shaz & Anna – though the prematch banter was a little bit muted compared to previous weeks, funny that 🤔

Game started openly with neither team exerting control until Matlock won a short corner and from a freak deflection saw the ball fly beyond Hoppy into the top corner 1-0 to Matlock after 5 mins.

This prodded Staveley into a little life and slooooowwwwly they began to gain control with Linz, Ella & Loz combining in a great move with Loz’s first time strike just wide.
The next 25 mins became more & more frustrating as Andrea, Loz, and Ruth all went close with the experienced Matlock keeper standing strong and only 1 break from Matlock giving Hoppy something to do.

More pressure Linz & Shaz both denied, all 1 way traffic in Staveleys favour and surely only a matter of time before the Massive were celebrating an equaliser; provided the Matlock keeper could be beaten ☺️

Last couple of mins before H-T and a driving run from Loz forced another great save from the Matlock GK before Kelly took a whack on her knee (might come to regret that!)
Pressure resulted in a short corner and finally the goal came; Linz set up Shaz for a goal on her return with a neat finish at the Far post. H-T 1-1 and relief for Staveley that surely this wasn’t going to be one of those days.

2nd half and a slow start gave hope to Matlock on the break but from then on Staveley began to turn the heat up; Linz just wide with an individual effort before a super run from Loz set up the increasingly influential Andrea to make it 2-1 to Staveley.
Matlock again pressed forward, a great run from their 8 from halfway to the goal line was finally halted and as Staveley returned the pressure Loz drove at the Matlock defence to assist Anna with the 3rd goal ( also on her return 👏🏻).

The game was beginning to open up now and Staveleys pace & power in midfield & upfront was showing while Heather, Izzy & Holly now had control at the back.
Holly picked up the ball on the half way and supplied Linz. With Linz’s head finally cleared she drove at the defence for the 4th; a quality goal from a quality player!
Great interplay from Andrea to Linz who tried to take the keepers head off 😳 shooting over the bar. Then Linz returned the favour to Andrea who cooly slotted her 2nd & Staveleys 5th.

Cruising now, more intricate play in and around the D and Andrea hurled herself on the deck to set up Linz for her second; 6-1 go on girls 👏🏻 Last few minutes and Loz claimed a deserved goal assisted by Linz to end the scoring on 7-1; comfortable victory on paper but hard earned and credit to the girls for digging deep after a fuzzy start and coming through with the defence in command; Ruth, Ella, Karena & Kelly plus returning Anna & Shaz tireless in midfield with Loz, Linz & Andrea doing most of the damage up top.
The game ended with Kelly gaining revenge for her whack on knee by taking out her opposite number with a shoulder barge straight out of Pretoria and what could have been a banana skin was avoided; 7-1 to Staveley and all’s well that ends well with sausage, beans & chips at the Red Lion Wirksworth, 15 more pints just to top up and more birthday cake 🍰

Repton away next week, toughest test yet but let’s ‘ave it!

Goal Scorers: Andrea (2), Linz (2), Anna (1), Shaz (1), Loz (1)

Write up by Darren Kenney

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