Staveley 1s v Derby 3s Saturday 11 November 2017

Looking forward to another positive performance with Hoppy in net, Holly, Izzy, Heather in defence; midfield of Andrea, Ruth, Ella and Kelly. Linz, Caitlin and Grace up top, Sarah C subbing up after already playing for the 2s earlier in the day.

Great start with Linz allowed to run as free as a bird teeing up Ruth who slid in Caitlin 1-0 and it was obviously gonna be a long evening for the Derby ladies.

So it proved with constant pressure Linz hitting a post, Ruth, Caitlin also unlucky before a super 1-2 between Andrea & Linz and a calm finish from Linz, 2-0 and then cracking solo efforts from Andrea & Ruth made it 4-0 before Linz added a second from Ruth’s assist to make it 5 at half time. Cruising and all about having the discipline to do the right thing now; Kelly took a nasty whack on the hand (like every week 😳) and then Ella took one in the face – ouch – straight back on once we knew no blood or missing teeth 🙄

2 more goals second half; both scored by Linz from great work by Andrea & Grace and then from Ruth and the game passed without any further injury to finish 7-0.

Chuffin dark, chuffin cold and another chuffin victory well done ladies only ever 1 winner and job done ✅ tougher test next week with Buxton 1s


Goal scorers: Linz (4), Caitlin (1), Andrea (1), Ruth (1)

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