Staveley 1s vs Amber Valley Hornets – November 28th

A really early start this morning against Amber Valley. Loz wasn’t happy because she paid an extra 11 English pounds to ensure her new shoes would be here in time for the game. The postie decided to take the shoes to the post office instead of leaving them in the shed like she asked!! Anyway…. Travelling down was a bit windy as Linz had the trumps!!

A tight first half with a few chances at both ends, Amber Valley had the majority of possession but couldn’t find the back of the net. Charlie made some super saves to keep it 0-0.

The second half started and Amber Valley scored their goal Sent from my iPhoneStaveley took the lead with a flick from Kel to the keepers right. More good play upfront saw Linz intercept the pass from the hit out, she passed to Loz for her to shoot and hit the keepers head, Rachel then got her second from the loose ball. The forth came from a short with Andrea blasting the ball in the bottom right corner. To finish the game off Kel scooped over the keeper to make it 5.

All in all a brilliant performance from all involved. Big shout out to Rachel who had a stormer, a real shame their umpire banged in to her car and was going to scarper! Good job a few of our girls chased him to get his details!

5-1 win for Staveley!

Player of match; Charlie.

Staveley Firsts v Matlock Baileans 3s – 14th November

A wet and soggy encounter between Staveley and Matlock last Saturday afternoon saw us victorious! A superb game from all involved, brilliant link up play, set us up for victory. We managed to score 7 goals. Goals from Andrea, Claire (2), Linz, Anna, Loz and Sarah.

Claire blasted one from top D, which hit the far bottom corner. Andrea let the ball run across to her reverse side and slapped it in. Vaughany had a shot from top of the D which nicked the keeper and Sarah made sure it

went in. A well worked Short Corner saw Loz pass to Linz, for Linz to pass back to Loz who put it past the Keeper.

Linz won the ball in midfield passing to Loz on the right who returned the ball in the D for Linz to put through Keeper’s legs. Anna finished the game off with a well worked move down the right.
Player of the Match: Loz

Staveley Firsts vs Phoenix, 6th November 2015

Today’s game was against Phoenix, after playing them in pre season we knew what to expect.

We started the game 3,4,3 with Lydia starting centre mid along side Anna as she had a stormer in training.

We had a lot of possession in the first half but got frustrated as we couldn’t find the back of the net. Just before half time from out of no where, Linz shot from a tight angle to beat the keeper at the near post.

The second half saw us start much better, with more link up play going forward. Loz won a short and Linz made it 2-0.

More good play down the right saw that Andrea got her first goal of game with a pull back from the right to find the back of the net. Phoenix caught us a few times on the break, but the defenders and Charlie both had a super game for us to keep a clean sheet.

More good play from down the right saw Lydia and Nuala linking up to to find Linz for her to pull back for Andrea to slot home.

Staveley had plenty of shots in the second half but their second half keeper kept a lot out.

5-0 finish! Well played ladies, onwards and upwards!

3 goals from Linz, 2 from Andrea, player of match Isabelle.

Staveley 1 vs Derby 2nds

A glorious sunny day, we came with great intentions. After a tough game against them away, we were determined to right the wrong. With Andrea appearing in the nick of time to start us with 11.

We pressed from the off and with some great passing and beautiful turns, especially from Emma S, we started the better team. They started to build up momentum but our defensive efforts were holding them back.

With a smashing pass to Andrea, with a diving shot, saved and Lindsey Vaughan belted it into the net. After more great play and two atrocious sitters by Andrea we were battling for more goals. Loz picked up the ball and zig zagged graciously and sprinted down the wing, squared it to Andrea for a shot into the open goal.

More great play and a well worked non goal from Ruth we were working harder. At the end of the first half, the score was 3-0.

Despite a change in the weather, from sun to snow, Staveley continued to press forward, passing the ball swiftly and effectively around the opposition. Karena imposed herself on the game by man-marking the opposition’s main strike force out of the game.

Heather, fresh back from her travels, supported the right side attack from her defensive position.
The opposition managed to steal one goal back, despite Charlie making some great saves during the game.

The defence worked well as a unit, Emma C solid in defence, as always, encouraged by Andrea’s chants of, ” You’ll never get past the Chapman!!” (And her forearms!)

Claire C was in some great positions on the left and attacked with drive towards the goal. Passing to Hoppy whose strike rebounded off the post,

Claire following up with a stunning goal. Shaz worked exceptionally well in midfield, creating triangles to keep the ball pace moving and fluid.

The game ended with a well-deserved Staveley win 5-1. A curry and chips back at the Rose and Crown was well appreciated.

Celebrations due to continue into the night at the Race Night.

Staveley 1st vs Belper 2nds – 14th February 2015

A cold and wet start to the morning, with Belper starting their professional warm up, Staveley began to start their usual. After a brief warm up we were ready to start, Loz organised us well with a ‘usual positions guys’ and we were ready to go.

Belper started strong with clear organisation. We were pinned into our half for most of the first period. Lots of great marking and some good saves when needed, we held them well for twenty one minutes, Karena deserves a special mention here with some great tackles and ran like a gazelle. A quick movement and a smashing shot, Belper were ahead.

Hitting them on the break, we caught them unawares and Loz smashed it after side-stepping the keeper. 1-1 at half time.

With Ruth given the vital role of marking one of their better players we were away! They started strong but it was clear Ruth’s effort was a hindrance. Unfortunately they gained a short corner, a blast was sneakily deflected into the goal to make it 2-1 to Belper.

Staveley stepped up their game and pushed for the equaliser. A very well worked play pushed Loz down the wing, with a smashing ball into Vaughany, great turn and a brilliant run to the back post by Claire who placed the ball beautifully into the net, 2-2!
With the bit between their teeth, Staveley put their all into the last ten minutes. Belper were considerably more tired and we were pushing for the win. Vaughany grabbed the ball and with some silky skills and a tight angle she slickly snuck the ball in.

Staveley win 3-2!
A well fought game by all. Man of the Match awarded to Ruth, who marked their best player all second half.

Staveley 1st v Matlock 3rd 25th Oct 2014

Staveley arrived at the meeting point to find that a number of players had to drop out due to prior commitments. Nevertheless the determination of the team came through and off they went with 9 players. Once a team colour had been decided we went to the pitch.

We have learnt that a good warm up is vital as a number of the players cannot now walk correctly, the rest won’t be able to walk tomorrow. A makeshift formation was created and the game commenced. Matlock scored early and the team thought this would be a tough game. A break forward resulted in a penalty corner.

The speed with which Andrea hit the ball surprised the experienced keeper as it shot in to the back of the net. Despite a hard hit on the bunion, she went on to score two more penalty corners either side of the half.

Kelly took the ball and set off down the pitch. Emma and Andrea were chuntering as players were free for a pass but she scored so we let her off. (It was a pretty good goal too.)

Charlie made some super saves, even saving a flick. A successful debut by little Martin, making some fab challenges. The game ended 4-2 to Staveley. A superb team effort and an awesome game.

Note: Don’t make statements at the start of the game that you are not prepared to carry out.

Staveley 1sts vs Derby Asterdale 2nds

Nov 30th at St Mary’s. Staveley started the game unsettled due to losing the toss and starting in the opposite end to normal.

Asterdale’s scored first but Staveley battled to score shortly after.

Staveley scored a second finishing what seemed to be the longest first half ever in front.
Despite a lot of play and numerous opportunities, Staveley couldn’t increase their lead.
Asterdale continued to battle with well timed interceptions and broke through to score.
Despite some superbs saves from goalkeeper Charlie, the score finished 3-2 to Asterdale.
Man of the match was Charlie.
Staveley goal scorers were Karena and Hoppy.

Staveley 1st vs Belper 3rds

Staveley 1st against Belper 3rds away November 23rd at Belper.

Staveley had an early meet time and a surprising defrost of windscreens meant the team needed a good warm up too. Staveley got off to a super start with Linz and Loz passing the ball around the circle for a well practiced short corner routine. Well it looked that way from where we were standing.

There was some superb movement both on and off the ball by all members of the team. Shaz continued to maintain her goal a game ratio with a well timed reverse stick strike which was well placed to beat the keeper.

At half time the score was a healthy 5-0. Whilst Em was receiving first aid from team coach Bev, the team talk about spaghetti bolognese and cheese seemed to detract the focus from the task in hand. Needless to say the temperature seemed to drop further and so did Staveley’s pace.

The game ended with a 6-2 win to Staveley.
Ruth was the clear winner for man of the match.
Goal scorers – Linz hat trick, Ruth 1, Claire 1 and Shaz 1.

Staveley 1sts vs Amber Valley Hornet 1sts

Away at Mill Hill school 9th Nov. This fixture always proves to be a well matched and tough game.

At half time the score was level at 0-0. The game could have gone either way with opportunities to score at both ends.

Charlie made some super saves to keep the Hornets out. In the second half Staveley scored from a well drilled short corner. Linz striking the ball sweetly to smash it into the back of the net.

The Hornets tried to come back but tight marking from Grace helped Staveley maintain their concentration and discipline to hold on for a hard fought 1-0 victory against a high flying opposition.

Karena won the man of the match vote.