Top of the Table Clash: Staveley 2s v Woodlands October 2015

It was a tough game against strong opponents. Although we lost we played a good game, almost bringing it level in the second half.

1-0 down after the first 5 minutes, Fran struck back, seeing the ball in behind the goalie after an assist from Gina to bring us back to 1 all. Unfortunately this lasted all of 30 seconds due to an unlucky breakaway which saw us 2-1 down.

Although we kept the pressure on well, they managed to get a third in and we were down 3-1 at half time.
A good half time talk reminded us about keeping the width better and this seemed to work well as we looked the better team starting off in the second half. Sarah brought us back to 2-3 with a lovely shot at goal off a short which was seen in by a defender. It looked for a minute that we might bring it level and we kept the pressure up but unfortunately they just had the edge and finished the match 4 – 2.

It was a hard fought game by all but special mentions should go to Gina, who despite the wet conditions must have run the equivalent of a 10k (and even invented a new “2 knee slide tackle” move which I’m sure will take off well). Also Kara who despite feeling dizzy and sick still put in a big effort whilst managing not to vomit on anyone, but it was Karena who deservedly won MOM, doing a great job of picking up loose balls and getting the play moving back up in to our attacking half.

And to finish…

Yso yso yso…
We brought our fight to the top team yo
We didn’t win but we a’nt backing down no
Next time she a’nt gonna be so nice so
You better watch out for Yso…

Wulfric Ladies 1s vs Staveley 2s – October 17th 2015 + Gina’s Rap

It’s true what they say about you only playing as well as your opposition. The game starts with Wulfric a man down. After a scrappy start and several penalty corners awarded, Rachel stepped up to take a penalty flick. She lifted a lovely ball into the bottom left corner, but unfortunately had taken a bit too early. A retake had interrupted her concentration resulting in the keeper taking advantage and the flick was saved.
Clearly frustrated by the turn of events, Rachel’s determination then saw her tear up the pitch until she was finally rewarded with a well deserved goal! Leaving us one up at the end of the first half.

Our half time team talk led mainly by Ange, who said it how it was and that we were simply paying as bad as them! Captain pointed out we are top of the league players and should play like them!

The second half saw a very different Staveley team take back to the pitch. We were all over them. Jen, true to her nickname ‘The Tasmanian Devil’ whirled round the pitch, only ever stopped by the referees whistle, usually for no reason at all!

Some great play continued. We created spaces for some good passing and eventually Lauren managed to put a second one away!
Meanwhile, Jen still tearing up the pitch, baring in mind she was playing left back, took some great shots at goal and a cracking lift from the edge of the D which flew in the goal, only for it not to be allowed! Should anyone know the reason for this please reply to http://www.haventgotaclue! Thought she was going to erupt!

The rest of play saw every single player taking advantage of Wulfric’s distinct lack of enthusiasm and Lauren put away another 3, she was on fire. Victory was ours ending 5-0.
Well deserved MOM to Rachel.

Now let us rap together…

Super duper
Yso yso yso…
She’s so damn ghettoooo
All that stick in the D yo
She’ll soon be driving to Ashbo’

Yso yso yso….
Defending like a super pro
Giving wulfric the heave ho
Belper ain’t got no chance yo

Yso yso yso….
Just going with the flow yo
Buxton, Derby and findo
They are no threat to stave-o

Yso yso yso…
We’re top of the league bro
Killing it every week, so
Give us a cheer for yso….

Belper 5s vs Staveley 2nds – 3rd October

Regardless of the fact we only had 10 men, the odds weren’t against us and we went on to pull a 2-0 over Belper 5s.

We started out a little shakey and all over the place due to eagerness and excitement but we soon gathered ourselves and made great passes out to the wings and up the pitch.

Coming close to a goal in the first 15 minutes we were now keen to put one in; and we did. A pass out to Catherine on the wing who solidly hit it to the flick spot for Fran to flick in. 1-0.

Spending most of our time up the field with our midfield and attacking lines close together we let them slip through the space and the gaps but soon recovered and went on to rally up the field. Passes out the wings and movement from the centre made us solid and we weren’t letting them go lightly.

Sarah was always there covering, running back and up field and not letting them break our defence; making solid passes out to Catherine and Jen. The ball went to Jen, then to Kara, then to Catherine and then to the flick spot. Unfortunately no one was there to pick it up but we were ready to go on and pick up another.

Winning a short corner and setting up quick this was it. A smooth injection from Kara straight to Sarah who smashed the ball straight into the bottom left hand corner of the goal, a brilliant shot. 2-0.

That was it, we carried on to put the work in right until the whistle. In the whole game we made great spaces with Danielle out down near the goal, Catherine on the right wing, Kara out on the left, Gina in the middle who made some great runs and shots for goal, and Jen and Sarah who never let them get past. Charlie (GK) didn’t even get a touch on the ball. Great game.

Man of the Match: Catherine

Big win for Staveley 2nds – 19th September 2015

After an aborted attempt to play our first game last week, we were a bit cautious on arrival at Derby’s pitch this morning. After a long break from hockey and some debutantes on the pitch no-one really knew what to expect!

Well, a strong attacking drive is what we all got. Staveley were up and at them almost immediately with strong attaching moves on both wings. Within the first two minutes, Gina had worked the ball into the right of the D, crossed to Fran who slipped the keeper for Annabel to put her first goal for Staveley away. Well done Annabel!!

A slightly shellshocked Derby tried to press back but with some great work from Gina, Jen and Sarah L. in the middle they didn’t get far before Staveley were back on the offence. After being awarded a free hit on the edge of the twenty-three yard line, Sarah C took on the Derby defence. And won! 2-0 to Staveley!!!

With the advantage of 3 subs, rotating fresh legs meant we could keep the pressure up with Annabel putting away her second and Linz coming on to score almost immediately. Derby eventually caught us on the break and pulled one back but there was little they could do to shut the Staveley attack out.
With a 4-1 scoreline at half time Staveley were flying!!!

A quick drink, confident team talk and we were off again. Derby had clearly come out much more strongly in the second half and their determination paid off when they again caught Staveley off guard. And for a moment it looked like we were at risk of letting a big lead slip away.

However we rallied; and our great passing, movement and use of the wings, plus some awesome speed and work rate in the middle by Nuala saw Staveley dominate again. Sarah C’s efforts saw her scoop a well-deserved hat-trick and Linz scored another, beating the keeper with a great shot/pass to Jen!

The final whistle blew at 7-2 to Staveley and despite the glut of goals, special mention has to go to the fabulous defence, whose efforts meant we could press incredibly high and keep those goals flying in!

Massive congrats to both Annabel and Nuala, who were both fantastic on their debut and a well done to ‘hatrick Scalders’ (Sore toe? What sore toe?!), Lindsay and Annabel for their great goals.

Played: Hannah, Izzy, Sarah L, Lauren, Holly, Jen, Gina, Catherine, Lindsay, Sarah C, Nuala, Kara, Fran, Annabel.

MOM: Nuala

Matlock Baileans 4s vs Staveley 2nds – 14th March

It was a late start for our heroes with a chilly, 4pm pushback for a rescheduled Plate match. Yet another chance for us to prove plates are better than cups? Perhaps!

Staveley started strong, with some fantastic movement and passing through the midfield and were rewarded with some early breaks into the Matlock ‘D’. Keeping almost constant pressure on the Matlock team, Staveley dominated possession despite ‘Mary’s’ best efforts.

Matlock broke through every so often but were ably beaten back by defensive dream team Holly, Izzy, Rache and Sarah Duck. On the rare occasions Matlock penetrated the D, any shots were cleared by Fran, fresh out of goalie retirement.

Some strong work on the left from JoJo led to great runs up the field from Claire C but despite the pressure, and some great passes between Kelly and Gina in the middle, Staveley went off at half-time frustrated but buoyant at a so-far impressive appearance.

We knew that Matlock would come back strong after the break and the home team advantage started to show, with a very vocal sideline choir playing ‘twelfth man’ for the home team.

After some to and fro-ing, Matlock were awarded a short corner early in the second half, which despite great defensive work in closing down players and clearing the ball, turned into a second short. Lifted or not? That’s our weekly debate these days!

This time, Matlock’s luck held and an unfortunate deflection put them 1-0 up.

Jen continued to harry the right wing, battling through some defensive walls to get the ball through to Ruth, whose speed regularly foxed the Matlock defence, but we still couldn’t capitalise.

Matlock on the other hand, had fresh legs to call on and were able to make more of the breaks they had, converting a 2 on 1 attack into a cheeky goal. 2-0 to Matlock.

We battled on to the end, despite some very cold and tired legs but it wasn’t to be. Matlock move into the next round whilst Staveley 2s are officially out of the Plate competition.
It’s all about the cutlery for the rest of the season…!

Hard luck Staveley, we’ll get them next time.

Ilkeston Ladies vs Staveley 2nds -7th March 2015

After starting with 9 players (after one of us had to umpire, thanks Ysobel) we came out of the trap strong!!

An early penalty corner awarded to Ilkeston saw Staveley under pressure, but with a swift save off the goal line from Kelly T we knew it wouldn’t be easy!

It wasn’t long before one of Ilkeston’s attackers saw an opportunity and made a successful run for it making it 1-0.

10 minutes into the game and defender Holly took a big hit from an attacker right on the ankle bone! She made a heroic fall! In the words of Kelly T, “The force of the ball, swept Holly off of her feet!”.

With the game paused and the time stopped our favourite Ilkeston player, offered to give Holly a fireman’s lift to the side of the pitch, where first aid was administered and the appropriate sweets prescribed (Harribo Minions!) Sadly no more hockey for Holly today!

Back on with the game and ‘feet’ had a lot to answer for in today’s game!

There were many short corners awarded to Ilkeston and it was only a matter of time when one would end badly for Staveley. An unavoidable stop from Gina with her feet on the goal line, a penalty flick was given!

Great effort from Hannah but the first half ended 2-0.

The half time talk was very positive despite being 2 nil down. There had been some great team work, good passing, and spirits were high. The remaining Haribos were passed round and we ventured back out for the second half!

The afternoon had warmed up now and we were facing the sun! This was another point to add to our disadvantages! Finally, Staveley ladies were awarded a short corner due to feet in the D! Having not taken a penalty corner for 17 years!!!!, Jo Johnson (me) stepped up to the job!

A strong pass to Sarah and it went smack into the back of the net!

Unfortunately, although their umpire had said “Go”, the Ilkeston defenders had taken a vacation to LaLa land and the keeper didn’t even have her helmet on!

After a few stern words from me to their keeper having not taken kindly to being called a “bunch of idiots”, it was Gina who diffused the situation and a retake of the short corner was taken.

The rest of the game saw Staveley fight gallantly and the 5-0 defeat was not a true reflection of how Staveley ladies had played.

Ilkeston may have won, but against 8 players isn’t really much to be proud of!!! Bring on the next game!!!

Man of the Match awarded to the entire troop for fighting valiantly to the end.

Phoenix vs Staveley 2nds

This was Staveley’s first match back of 2015, and their first match in about 6 weeks due to cancellations because of bad weather.

After arriving at Woodlands, the Staveley team found that the previous match had overrun and had a good 30 minute wait to get on the pitch, which meant no time for a warm up. Some of the Staveley team were relieved at this.

After losing our previous game against Phoenix, Staveley expected a tough match, but it was to their surprise that the away side dominated the game and maintained possession for the first twenty minutes.

It was whilst Staveley was on the back foot that Phoenix scored their first goal. A rebound from an attempt at goal meant Phoenix broke away and sped down the wing, goalkeeper Hannah attempted a slide to save, but unfortunately couldn’t make it.

Staveley kept their heads up but it wasn’t enough to keep Phoenix from getting another in the net.

After half time team talks, it was decided that the ball needed to be in the ‘D’ to actually score. So this is what we worked on, whacking it in!

Staveley had some fantastic shots on goal, and on the whole played a brilliant game, but sadly the scoreline stopped at 2-0 at full time.

Holly got MOTM, well done.

Plate game; Staveley 2nds vs Ashbourne 4s

Staveley’s ladies were ready to take on Ashbourne although the captain and 2 key players were nowhere to be seen just before pushback!
When we eventually arrived Calders shouted ‘1 min before pushback’. A quick run on the spot and we were ready.
Staveley started off really well with some great passing and runs up the wing we made many chances and soon Fran put one in the net. 1-0 Staveley!

Soon after we were in trouble with a short corner but our defenders where quick to dispose of it.

Gina took the ball from the half way line with support from Holly but no need as she took it all the way and put a fantastic goal in the back of the box…

After the second goal Staveley ladies thought that they had it in the bag and we started playing really sloppy.

At half time a new strategy was drilled in by our fantastic new coach Kelly.. and soon we found it working. Everyone was calling for the W…!

Ashbourne came out strong and were passing brilliantly and creating chances but we didn’t give up. And again a drive down the right hand side plus a ball through to Jen and somehow the goal keeper stepped over it and Staveley were 3-0 up!

The game came to an end but not before the captain got called to one side because Kelly T couldn’t keep her mouth shut and apparently argued; I was only agreeing with him!

Well done all round ladies, a good performance once again. Man of the match was awarded to Holly.

Staveley 2nds vs Matlock 4ths – 15th November

After a wetter than wet match last Saturday, we were hopeful for a drier pushback this week; no chance.

After a sharp warm up and the usual banter, StavStaveley 2nds, 15th November 2014eley headed out for what was promising to be a tasty fixture against local rivals Matlock.

Staveley were on the offensive straight away, with some great moves and passing out on the wing, Jen and Catherine powered through the Matlock defense time and again. Some quick switching by Sam back over to the left meant there was no letup for Matlock’s back four. They were definitely shaken by the new look Staveley 2nd team.

Despite this, and against the run of play, Matlock broke through and somehow scored, leaving us all a bit baffled and pretty p155ed off!

No fear though, a fantastic cross from Catherine led to a volleyed wonder goal from Niamh. Cracking stick work and £5 in the back pocket for Ms. Hardwick.

1-1 less than 15 minutes in.

From that point on, it’s safe to say Staveley dominated the play, raining attack after attack down on Matlock. Despite the numerous short corners and quick strikes on goal, Staveley went off at half time, yet to take the lead.

After some great talk from Captain Kara and returnee Maggie, plus some jelly babies from Jo, Staveley got back onside knowing the game was theirs for the taking.

Staveley continued to dominate, giving very little away to a flustered Matlock, but just couldn’t convert in the D.

Among many chances. Fran missed a sitter and Kara had a great strike that slid just past the post whilst Matlock threw defenders into the circle to keep us from scoring.

After warnings from umpires, players falling on each other and an exhilarating and frustrating 70 minutes of hockey, we had to settle for a draw. But it was an all round fantastic performance for Staveley 2nds and a great sign of things to come. Well done everyone, we should all be really proud.

Special mention to our defenders who were pretty much impenetrable today and who led the charge on almost every attacking stint. Well done peeps.

1-1 the final score. This week’s Man of the Match; Sam Dean.

Staveley 2nds vs Ilkeston 8th November

On a cold, wet, windy November morning, it was 9:47 at Staveley’s home hockey pitch and the first players were starting to arrive! Our very own Sarah Calderbank was keen to get the pre-match warmup underway as the cold started biting our noses.

After some vigorous warm up exercises and passing skills, we were ready for action! Oh wait, there were no umpires. Finally the umpires arrived and after a few helmet issues with our goalkeeper, Hannah Matchett, the game started.

It was a tough first half as Ilkeston were very determined to get a goal and succeeded in the first 15 minutes. By then we had a few good shots on goal but they were all stopped by the opposition’s defenders. There were many short corners, shots on goal and a few 16s. 5 minutes to go before the whistle and we were desperate for a goal. A nasty stick tackle from an Ilkeston defender gave our team a short corner and an opportunity for a goal. Kara Mason was the taker for the short corner.

Everywhere was quiet except for a couple of shouts of encouragement here and there. A fantastic, powerful ball was passed from Kara straight to Sam Dean. She did a quick dribble and hit it straight into the back of the net. A great victory dance was in order so Sam outdid herself and did a perfect little dance.

At half time, everyone was cold, wet but very happy at Sam’s goal. It was 2-1 to Ilkeston and we needed to get another goal. We were all in high spirits (despite the weather) and the team was giving great feedback and constructive criticism. After a much needed team talk from Captain Kara, it was time to get back on to the pitch. The other team were set and ready whilst we were still talking tactics and giving gossip. A couple of the players from both teams were running on the spot to get warm and suddenly the whistle blew.

The second half was underway and Staveley started with the pushback this time. Most of the time, the ball was down Ilkeston’s defending end because our team had a very positive attitude towards the second half and it was looking good.

Sideline after sideline after sideline for our team as a result of Ilkeston’s defenders and keeper hitting the ball out and still no luck. Finally another short corner was awarded to our team for yet another nasty stick tackle. This time, it was Sam’s turn to take the short corner. All the attackers were lined up against the circle and so was the tension. A brilliant hit from Sam, sent the ball flying to Fran Puddick and then straight into the goal. Everybody along the sideline and our half of the pitch were cheering like we had just won the league. Ilkeston’s pushback again and they were at it now. Still determined and still raring to go. They were not giving up. But this determination made our defenders work even harder. They were not getting through us. The ball had been turned over now and we had a chance to get another one. However, a wet pitch plus a fast running lady results in very good splits from Sam. The ball was travelling very fast (due to the awful weather which still belting down hard) and it was heading our end.

With a hard hit from the number 10 player on the opposing team, it was aimed right at my foot which led to a short corner. The time was coming to an end as the player was ready to take the short. A quick pass was made and a quick run from me but I jumped too early which led to the final goal of the match. There was small hope for us now yet we kept going.

We were awarded our final short corner which was a final chance for us. Grace Colley (sweeper) had told the whole team (except Hannah) to gather round the attacking D for our last hope. Kara was taking this final short and it was going for Sam. Unfortunately, Sam hit the ball in the wrong direction and it went out for a 16. Every member of our team sprinted back to their own positions and we were ready for another chance but the whistle was blown and every team member shook hands with one another. Three cheers were awarded to each team and over to the sideline for fantastic feedback and constructive compliments.

At the pub, man of the match was decided. From Ilkeston, they chose Kelly Thring who played fantastically and was an all round good player. From Staveley, Sam Dean was awarded the man or woman of the match for her fantastic goal and brilliant interceptions.

Written by Holly Spavold Memeber of Staveley Ladies Hockey Team