Training for the new season starts next week!

The new season is almost upon us so it’s time to pull on your shin pads, pop in your gum guard and dig out your stick… training is back!

Our first session is next Wednesday (7th September) from 7-8, at St Mary’s so please come out and boost the ranks for a good turnout.

Not played in a while, don’t worry, come along and give it a go! There’s room for a whole new crew of Hollie Webbs and Alex Dansons at Staveley.

See you next week!

Staveley 2s v Findern, 12 March 2016

With the sun on our backs and a spring in our step we stepped out to face Findern, formidably placed one spot above us in the League Table.

A positive start saw Staveley defending forcefully, pressing high but struggling to make the most of our extra woman on pitch. In fact, at times, it felt like that extra person was a curse with movement and passing looking a bit sluggish in the early stages.

It was a good, physical game with more than a few knocks and scrapes, with Gina getting a painful knock to her nose and an early ball to the foot saw poor Catherine limping off the pitch. Thankfully, we had subs and our fresh legs kept us on top, with Rachel finally converting with a fantastic flick into the Findern net. 1-0!!

Unfortunately we took our eye off the ball straight from the pushback with Findern running the ball down to our defensive ‘D’. With a nutmeg through Fran’s legs and a shot towards goal, poor Holly’s clearance went in the wrong direction and straight into the back of the Staveley net. 1-1!!

After a very long first half, we trudged off for our team talk. Recognising that whilst there were moments of real strength we just weren’t playing aggressively enough and needed to play our game, instead of Findern’s, we knew we had to step it up.

Fired up, we ran back on the pitch ready to score, win, run and all the other good stuff that happens in hockey matches. The difference told almost immediately with a great run down from our own half from Gina, who pulled it all the way round the back of their defence and hit the ball across the front of the goal for Sarah to smash home. 2-1.
Keeping the pressure on, Staveley pressed all the way inside Findern’s half, with some great runs from the back from Holly. On the occasions Findern broke through, Yso and Jo put in some great tackles with Hannah performing some fabulous saves when needed.


In no time, Rachel had secured her hat-trick with two more fantastic finishes and we had a win in our sights. Findern however weren’t giving up and popped in one more on the break.

But we were to see one more knock, with poor Nuala twisting her ankle quite badly: get better soon Nuala!!

Final score, 4-2 to Staveley, with a hat-trick from Rachel and a goal from Sarah C.

Special mention to Player of the Match, Annie, who put in a top-notch performance today, with great hassling, passing and movement on the right. Well done on 2nd spot in the table Staveley!!

Staveley Firsts vs Phoenix, 6th November 2015

Today’s game was against Phoenix, after playing them in pre season we knew what to expect.

We started the game 3,4,3 with Lydia starting centre mid along side Anna as she had a stormer in training.

We had a lot of possession in the first half but got frustrated as we couldn’t find the back of the net. Just before half time from out of no where, Linz shot from a tight angle to beat the keeper at the near post.

The second half saw us start much better, with more link up play going forward. Loz won a short and Linz made it 2-0.

More good play down the right saw that Andrea got her first goal of game with a pull back from the right to find the back of the net. Phoenix caught us a few times on the break, but the defenders and Charlie both had a super game for us to keep a clean sheet.

More good play from down the right saw Lydia and Nuala linking up to to find Linz for her to pull back for Andrea to slot home.

Staveley had plenty of shots in the second half but their second half keeper kept a lot out.

5-0 finish! Well played ladies, onwards and upwards!

3 goals from Linz, 2 from Andrea, player of match Isabelle.

Wulfric Ladies 1s vs Staveley 2s – October 17th 2015 + Gina’s Rap

It’s true what they say about you only playing as well as your opposition. The game starts with Wulfric a man down. After a scrappy start and several penalty corners awarded, Rachel stepped up to take a penalty flick. She lifted a lovely ball into the bottom left corner, but unfortunately had taken a bit too early. A retake had interrupted her concentration resulting in the keeper taking advantage and the flick was saved.
Clearly frustrated by the turn of events, Rachel’s determination then saw her tear up the pitch until she was finally rewarded with a well deserved goal! Leaving us one up at the end of the first half.

Our half time team talk led mainly by Ange, who said it how it was and that we were simply paying as bad as them! Captain pointed out we are top of the league players and should play like them!

The second half saw a very different Staveley team take back to the pitch. We were all over them. Jen, true to her nickname ‘The Tasmanian Devil’ whirled round the pitch, only ever stopped by the referees whistle, usually for no reason at all!

Some great play continued. We created spaces for some good passing and eventually Lauren managed to put a second one away!
Meanwhile, Jen still tearing up the pitch, baring in mind she was playing left back, took some great shots at goal and a cracking lift from the edge of the D which flew in the goal, only for it not to be allowed! Should anyone know the reason for this please reply to http://www.haventgotaclue! Thought she was going to erupt!

The rest of play saw every single player taking advantage of Wulfric’s distinct lack of enthusiasm and Lauren put away another 3, she was on fire. Victory was ours ending 5-0.
Well deserved MOM to Rachel.

Now let us rap together…

Super duper
Yso yso yso…
She’s so damn ghettoooo
All that stick in the D yo
She’ll soon be driving to Ashbo’

Yso yso yso….
Defending like a super pro
Giving wulfric the heave ho
Belper ain’t got no chance yo

Yso yso yso….
Just going with the flow yo
Buxton, Derby and findo
They are no threat to stave-o

Yso yso yso…
We’re top of the league bro
Killing it every week, so
Give us a cheer for yso….